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Research: Generated questions learning model (GQLM): Beyond learning styles

The concept of learning styles in education is highly questionable when used to categorize students in particular ways and attempt to match them to cor- responding forms of instruction. This paper argues that the various learning modali- ties called Learning Styles are only cognitive tools that all learners have access to and must use to…
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Recognizing what the text says about the topic amounts to non-critical reading. To the critical reader, any single text provides one portrayal of the facts, one individual’s “take” on the subject matter. Thus reading must be more than recognizing facts that is the reader must see how the subject matter is portrayed. Therefore the goal…
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TIET Webinar

When comes to education your business is TIET's business. Are you tired of trying so hard can't get ahead in school? Are you so frustrated that nothing seems to work? Well the good news we at TIET can help. Come take allow at this webinar and see How WE Can Help
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