TIET Educators

We cannot change trends in education by focusing solely on students.

We also have to take care of our teachers and provide the proper support for them. Our team of educators have all come with various experiences in the classroom, in the lab, in their relationships with students. They know what works and what does not. TIET's pedagogy has been summarized into concepts that have proven to be life changing for the students (See Testimonials) and for teaching.

TIET proposes to bring these strategies to Educators and educators to be through summer workshops (6 weeks long).

Some of the themes approached will be composed of:

- Pseudo-Socratic teaching - How it transforms the classroom
- Testing - How to be fair and a true learning tool
- Grading & Curving - What works
- Homework - Homeworking or not Homeworking... that's the questions!
- Extra credits - how to be constructive. Or 'Nothing's free!'
- Comfortability, Connectivity, Organization & Preparedness
- Critical Thinking

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