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Asian picTied Student is our Pole#1 Action

TIET targets specifically low achieving students in the immediate community of Corona, Riverside, Moreno Valley and Perris California. We will also open up to the world through our upcoming online courses.

TIET has several programs:

Program #1:

Homework and SAT Support

Program #2:

Critical Thinking and Critical Reading workshops
Inquiry Based Learning skills development group activities
(These are proposed to highschools that our team visit weekly)

Program #3:

Mentorship. Community leaders and role models are invited to speak to TIET's enrollees (Career, motivation, inspiration.../...). College students are paired
with highschoolers throughout a year (college motivation and constructive
friendship development)


TIET writes grants to raise funds to run the center, and create scholarships to
help families in the community pay for our enrollees enter college.

Long Term:

TIET has long term goals, they include summer research programs for
highschoolers and undergraduates, and an online school.

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