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Training Assistant Professors and Graduate Students to transition to Higher Education

Researchers have deplored the lack of actual teaching and classroom management training in higher education. TIET aims at developing programs and providing support to change this trend in the United States. Simple tools given over the course of summer workshops can change the approach of an educator and improve classroom behavior problems, students learning, communication…
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Get the key to Happy Learning

The TIET's teaching pedagogies explore more efficient learning strategies for students and teaching tools for teachers. Look out for our summer workshops and online trainings.
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What is wrong with Higher Education?

Last night I was listening to a program on NPR, which shows how Cuba is providing a quality education to American born youths by training them to become doctors. The cost to do this is free. The organizer of program points out that one of the reason why they turned to Cuba was because in…
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An Ordered List Post

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