You are an awesome professor, best believe that. You have taught me to believe in myself, and I am taking it one step at a time. I'm still learning and growing and you have taught me never give up on what I believe in. You are the best!

Student ,

Enthusiasm for the students. Gave everyone an opportunity to do well. Did his job as a teacher and prepared his students.

He made lecture fun and tried to relate physics to real life situations and he made himself more than available for meetings outside of class.

I enjoyed the Professor's sincerity to want his students to truly understand the material. I believe he is a great professor, with an effective teaching style. He expects us to spend time out of class to understand the material and I appreciate his enthusiasm for the subject. He is very relatable and easy to talk to. He is understanding and a great Professor overall. Also, I appreciate his willingness to hold review sessions on the weekends for exams. They were very helpful.


Great teacher. Explains well and is very passionate in helping students succeed.