About TIET

What TIET stands for...


  • To improve education practices by transforming the trends and methods of mainstream education, through the use of innovative thinking methods, technology, community partnerships, and research collaborations.


  • Learning to think is an asset for life, TIET fosters better thinking skills in the students and teachers of our community.
  • Education is too remote from research and hands-on practice, TIET strives to bridge that gap.
  • TIET merges mainstream traditional education and innovative strategies to use less content, more discussion and more practice, therefore increasing thinking and decreasing the passive consuming of information in students, TIET's models reverse traditional teaching strategies.
  • Teachers and Administrators salaries are too uneven, TIET develops ideas to level out the plane field.
  • Our world moves toward online education to suits the needs of all, TIET uses the latest technologies to further education and serve the needs of our changing society.

Our principles & practices

Statement of purpose

The principles and practices of TIET are the necessary foundation behind the teaching of our students to become effective learners through question-asking. We believe that question-asking is central to proper structuration of thinking skills. Learning at TIET comes about through the questions students ask or the discussions they engage in as they interact with their environment through their senses. Our belief is that there is not one learning style per student but that, instead, they must become great thinkers by developping all of the learning styles, which will allow them to be flexible in every context of life and academics.

Principle Practice
Success for Students Low Tuition ~ Constant Support & Motivation ~ Critical Thinking & Question-Asking Coaching ~ Ethnic Diversity ~ Access to Resources ~ Scholarships ~ Peer & Mentor Guidance ~ Fair Assessments ~ Resume Building ~ College Preparation
Success in Research Students-Professors-Experts Collaborations & Partnerships ~ Merging Classroom Learning and Labs ~ Hands-on Practice ~ Publications ~ Community Symposia
Success in Curriculum & Teaching Hands-On activities ~ Merged Labs and Classrooms ~ Interactive Classrooms ~ Students-Lead lectures ~ Tutors ~ New Course and Lecture Structures ~ Multicultural Teaching ~ All-Inclusive Learning Styles Incorporated
Success for Faculty and Staff Fair Wages & Benefits ~ Maximum Wage Cap ~ Ethnic Diversity ~ Team Work ~ Freedom of Initiative ~ Autonomy ~ Coaching & Development ~ ~ Teachers workshops and support





Our history


The Institute for Effective Thinking exists to provide training in critical thinking and Science development for youths and teachers through merged forms of Inquiry Based Learning and Socratic methods. We started by discussing how best to address failing curricula and failing students in the diverse communities we taught in. In the Fall of 2012 the TIET was born to finally engage local communities and deal with our students' poor performance in math and science both at the high school and college level.


In 2013 the non-profit TIET was launched as a way to combat educational problems in poor socio-economic communities.


Launching of TIET's website and starting fundraising work to attract funding and build up a financial plan to create scholarships.


Establishing the facilities, staff, and administrative teams.

TIET's Poles



This year we have continued tutoring and saw students succeeding. The Institute needs to grow it's basis but we need continue to do grant writing in order to secure our location and start marketing to our local schools. [/extra_wrap]