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This project is lead by The Institute of Effective Thinking which provides ongoing research on these projects and resources for minority students by providing academic and financial support to tackle college, and research experience to be competitive and thriving in new academic environments. We believe in the same quality education for all. We call upon you to support this endeavor.

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The Institute for Effective Thinking:


An educational Center to learn how to think as students and teach as educator. We target low achieving students, graduate students who desire to prepare to become great teachers, and teachers who seek to reconnect with their teaching and their students.

Center's Purpose

The Institute for Effective Thinking was born in response to the challenges faced in our current educational system. One of the major issues in today's society is that our school curriculums are not designed to bring about effective thinking nor enhance the critical thought process in students.  Thus TIET was created to undertake this challenge through developing curricula to address these needs.

Upcoming online Courses:

  • Practical Thinking
  • Fair Grading Practices
  • Classroom Comfortability & Connectedness
  • Physics New Curriculum
  • TBA
  • TBA